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Focus groups are no longer a luxury for a select few.  They are a necessary staple for modern litigation.  With a world full of diverse beliefs and feelings that seem to change everyday, focus groups are necessary to make sure that your trial strategy matches the jury you will be facing.  Knowing how real people will respond to your case ahead of time can be the difference between winning and losing.  

We offer focus groups to fit every possible case need and scenario.  No matter what you are trying to learn about your case, we offer a focus group designed to gather the information you want.

Our focus groups are divided into the following three types:  Mock Trials, Guided Discussion Focus Groups, and Custom Focus Groups.


Mock trials are used to replicate an actual deliberating jury.  During a mock trial focus group, participants are presented with the case in the same manner as a real trial.  The participants are then given jury instructions and verdict forms to deliberate and decide the case just like a real jury.      


Participants also fill out multiple questionnaires throughout the day to test how their feelings change after each part of the mock trial.  This allows us to know exactly how each argument and part of the mock trial affects the participants' view of the case.    


The entire mock trial is transmitted to an observation room where you can watch the deliberation process on monitors as if you are a fly on the wall in the actual jury room. 


In addition to the information gained simply from watching the deliberation process, mock trial focus groups allow us to test anything and everything about a case.  Through the use of tailored questionnaires, we can gather information about any specific topics in a case, such as affirmative defenses, characteristics of parties/witnesses, etc.


For a detailed account of what takes place during a mock trial focus group day, click here. 


Guided Discussion Focus Groups are used to determine case value or are used to explore specific issues that exist in a case (ex: strengths and weaknesses of particular arguments, views on your client or the opposing party, views on animations, general thoughts on the case, etc).  This type of focus group more closely resembles a discussion then a mock trial.  We present facts to the focus group participants and then ask them different questions to pull information from them on the specific topics at issue.  We also include tailored questionnaires to the process to gather additional information.


This type of focus group is an ideal pre-mediation tool to use to make sure your case valuation is accurate so you are not overpaying or leaving money on the table.  The cost of this focus group is generally less than the amount you will save/gain during the mediation.

Guided Discussion Focus Group can be done on a short timeframe and for a relatively low cost.


Sometimes your needs don't fit nicely into one of the above types of focus groups.  No problem.  We will custom design a focus group to meet the specific requirements of your case so that we can get you the information you need to answer the questions you want answered. 

For price quotes or questions about having a focus group conducted for your case, contact us here.

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