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We are the first and only consulting firm to offer this revolutionary opportunity for lawyers.


For years we have heard lawyers struggle with the same issues.  "What's the value of my case?" "My case isn't big enough to justify the cost of a big focus group, but I still want feedback before my trial." "I can never practice my trial skills because every case settles.  How am I supposed to feel confident and prepared when I actually have to go to trial?" 


Group Focus Groups are our answer for these struggles.  Group Focus Groups are flexible low cost opportunities to solve all of the above and more.


We gather participants, arrange and set up a facility, and arrange a videographer.  You pay for a block of time during the day.  Blocks are either one or two hours long.  During that block of time we can test anything you want. 


Do you have a mediation coming up and you want to make sure your valuation is correct so you don't overpay or leave money on the table?  We can do that. 

Do you have a trial coming up and you want to get on your feet and test an opening statement or closing argument in front of an actual audience? We can do that. 

Do you want us to present your set of facts to the participants to get general thoughts and feelings about your case?  We can do that. 

The possibilities are limitless.  Once you have scheduled your block of time, we will work with you to figure out the most effective way to use your time.  


The two main benefits of Group Focus Groups are: Cost and Flexibility. 


In a Group Focus Group, you are only paying for your block of time.  This amounts to a fraction of what a full focus group costs. 


Once you have scheduled your block of time, it can be used for absolutely anything you can think of.  It is unlimited in its flexibility. 


There are two ways to take part in a Group Focus Group.

First, contact us to be put on our Group Focus Group List.  As soon as the list fills up with enough lawyers, we will conduct a Group Focus Group.

Second, gather three to six other lawyers and we will put on your own private Group Focus Group.   

For more information about Group Focus Groups, or to be put on our Group Focus Group List, contact us here.        

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