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When it comes to choosing a consulting firm, two criteria are always at the forefront of the decision making process: Cost and Reliability.  We offer the best of both.


We offer rates that are lower than what are charged by other consulting firms.

When we started this firm, we made the conscious decision to offer our work at a lower rate so that more lawyers on more cases can have access to focus groups and consulting services.  Focus groups should not be limited to high dollar cases and a select few lawyers.  Focus groups make lawyers better.  We want to make sure they are available to more lawyers on a more frequent basis.  Offering our services at a lower rate is our effort to accomplish that goal. 


We offer focus groups that are scientifically proven to produce the most reliable results possible.

"Reliable" for focus groups means that you can trust that the results off the focus group are based on the facts and arguments being tested and not on other external variables.  Years of experience on cases all across the country has resulted in our using a focus group format that is guaranteed to produce the most reliable results possible.  

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